Fine Arts Preschool


Child Development with a focus on Fine Arts

At Dance Extreme, we offer preschool education with an emphasis on dance, music, and art. This program uses developmentally appropriate curriculum and play-based learning to get your child ready for kindergarten. We include Tumbling and/or Creative Dance as part of each day. Your child will learn important social skills, along with pre-reading, writing, and math skills.


Our Goals:

Our goal is to create enriching experiences for each child in a safe, supportive, and respectful environment. At Dance Extreme, we create developmentally appropriate activities daily through the Arts to promote intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. We believe that each child will learn and develop in his/her own way. Opportunities are created for each child to observe, learn, explore, and discover, all while promoting their development. We are committed to ensuring each child has a positive experience here at Dance Extreme Fine Arts Preschool.




Daily Schedule: (flexible)

8:30- 8:45  Arrival, Writing Skills

8:45- 9:15   Circle Time, Calendar, Music/Singing, Daily Discussion

9:15- 9:45   Center Time/ Free Play

9:45- 10:00   Snack Time

10:00- 10:30   Art activity

10:30- 10:45  Math/Science Activity

10:45-11:00  Story Time

11:00-11:30  Gross Motor Activity


Enrollment Options:

2 Days a week (Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs.)= $100/month

3 Days a week (Tues- Thurs) =  $135/month

4 Days a week (Mon- Thurs)= $175/month

Registration/Activity Fee=  $75 per year