Tuition: Tuition will be charged automatically on the 5th of each month to the card saved to your account. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, payments will be processed on the business day prior to the 5th. A late fee of $20 will be assessed after the 10th of each month. We do not send monthly statements, only late notices.

 Cash or check payments will only be accepted for semester (Sept.- Dec. or Jan.- May) or annual (Sept-May) payments.

 Our classes are set up based on the season, and because of this, we don’t offer tuition adjustments or make-up classes for absences. The monthly tuition remains the same, regardless if there are three, four, or five classes within the month. Classes are NOT pro-rated.

There is no refund for tuition, late fees, costume fees, etc.


 Registration Fee: $30 annual registration fee will be charged at the time of class enrollment per student. Each additional child in the same family will be charged a $20 annual fee. Each child will receive a free t-shirt with registration.



 30 minute class once per week= $38/monthly

  45 minute class once per week= $43/monthly

 60 minute class once per week= $48/monthly


 Discounts: (do not apply to summer camps)








Enrollment in 2 classes= 10% off total tuition

 Enrollment in 3 classes= 15% off total tuition

 Enrollment in 4  classes= 20% off total tuition

Enrollment in 5 or more classes= 25% off total tuition